Choosing Joy, part 2

Christmas is coming and there seems to be a fair bit of panic about sorting Amazon packages, getting the Christmas outfits together and buying last minute stocking stuffers. My pre-Christmas hustle came in early November. Between Thanksgiving and Epiphany (January 6th) we have three of our kids’ birthdays and our wedding anniversary. Lots to celebrate! Plus, being due a week before Christmas, I wanted to get everything I could done “before the baby came.” 

As I  reread that last sentence, it makes me wonder if each year I prepped early, I could be ready to relax and go slower once “the baby came.” Not our baby but the baby Jesus. To sit and read with the kids, do simple meals and think about how we could bless a neighbor. To look up lyrics to a favorite Christmas carol. This seems a better pace.

I guess that bring me to my reflections on what I’m thankful for today.  I choose joy by seeing the beautiful moments, like:

my four year old saying “you’re my precious mom” in response to my “you’re my precious girl”

a cuddly babe, warm on my chest, breathing contentedly

paper plates

a husband who models saying “I’m sorry; will you forgive me” to our kids

a basket of snacks next to my nursing chair

the nursing chair my brother and sister in-law bought for me two years ago

fragrant clementines

friends visiting over the new year

choosing to say yes to playing grandma instead of getting ready right away

seeing my daughter learn to make friendship bracelets (if I was more mobile, I’d probably shuffle past her wonderment more quickly)

our neighbors who bought half the newborn sections at Carters as a welcome home gift to our baby. What humbling generosity

bringing gentle comfort to my overly tired, sick little one

the sweetness of having my almost two year old climb on my lap for the first time since returning from the hospital. I missed my giant “baby”

cold cabbage leaves 😉


May we choose joy amiss illness, the bustle of rushing from one family gathering to the next and melting down kiddos. What moments are shining like stars for you today? In what way could you offer the gentleness you need  to someone else? (We’re all in need of extra grace during this season; right?)

One thought on “Choosing Joy, part 2

  1. Soooo well said. As a grandma who is very busy with a big variety of things this year, including watching grandchildren, and trying to get everything just right I was humbled this am by my grandkids. I try to make up a simple little skit for the kids to perform and sing each Christmas morning and before we started practicing today we sat down to talk about this years play and what they needed to work on. I asked them what was the reason we celebrate Christmas and the 3 oldest of the 4 in unison said. “We are the reason for Christmas”. And then they starred giggling because they said it at the same time. How easily and simple yet powerful was their answer. No doubt they are anxious for Santa to come with all those presents but the answer of Christ came before Santa. I was very humbled. (I tend to like all my ducks in a row and things done just so) all the table settings etc and bows I like to make for packages, floors Spic and span, etc etc don’t really matter. Those things come and go and who really cares but me? Humbly Christ came to save us, how thankful we should be. I’m thankful for our family’s faith. What great joy that is.


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