Choosing Joy

B598B0FE-E6C2-4386-A815-9B541D98BC7CI have a beautiful 2 day old babe nursing (well) as the house is quietly tucked in bed. It’s been an exhausting week because of multi-level illness and having a baby- we’re tired. BUT, I’ve been down this road before and if I only focus on the tired, disorganized bedroom, needs unmet and runny noses, I will shrivel.

So here I am to declare what I’m thankful for tonight:

our handsome little man who is healthy, well loved and nurses well

that I don’t have blood clots in my legs (I went to the ER today because I had symptoms of clots. Turns out it is new varicose viens developing under the surface that are giving me tender spots)

our new neighbors are fantastic and took our four big kids while we went to the ER

for Jack and Lexie singing Twinkle Twinkle to their newborn brother as Lexie held him for the first extended period. It was a beautiful moment

for a good friend who listened to my disappointments about my delivery

for my husband who loves me well and pulled his chair closer as I cried

for my MIL who dropped it all and flew down here to be with our sick kids this week while I delivered our bébé

for my friend who felt free to vent about her difficult holiday house guest’s dietary “needs.” It made me feel normal that we all struggle and need community

we have delicious soup, pot pie and fresh pineapple  in our fridge from dear friends who want to bless us with meals

for sweatpants and warm socks

our kids aren’t coughing right now

for grateful kiddos who are delighted with simple and little

that the LEGO Shuttle Transporter our six year old is trying to figure out how to buy is wrapped and waiting for him for Christmas morning

Chris Tomlin’s Adore CD. It moves me to remember how big God is and how precious and powerful Jesus is


Thanks for letting me share. What are ten things you’re thankful for tonight or today?

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