Cover the yellow walls!

Renting a place has never stopped me from painting, wallpapering, adding chair rail, removing an unnecessary radiator, ripping up carpeting and refinishing hardwood floors or even relocating a built in. In my seven rentals since college, I’ve always received my full deposit back. But even if I didn’t, I’d say it was worth it. Being surrounded by beauty is just that high on my list.

My husband has had varying degrees of enthusiasm in projects in our homes. (Ask him about the reno I enthusiastically suggested 10 days after we got married.) Tonight, he’s ripping it up! He’s customizing four individual shelves that will hopefully give order to our desperate office/toy room/ guest room. We knocked out the painting on the main wall and will hopefully install the shelves tomorrow night after the walls dry.

Here’s a photo of the yellow walls and partially dismantled room. I look forward to sharing more as it progresses this week!


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