Organizing- who hasn’t been inspired by Marie?

Watching cute Marie Kondo on Netflix or Youtube organize and get excited about clutter is enough for most of us to start sorting and asking, “Does this spark joy? Do I want to take this into my future?” While I don’t tri-fold my socks, I have modifying a lot of her tips.

This is a practical way to get calf boots to “stand” upright. I had searched online for ideas but thought of this free option (I already had the hangers) after seeing clips for sale on Amazon.

After spending a solid weekend sorting and purging our closet, it is now a real joy to get dressed. Here are a few thoughts from my own organizing journey:

  1. For clothing: does it spark joy? Or as I’ve always said, “Does it make me feel beautiful?”
  2. If it is stained, ripped or stretched out, get rid of it. Really. Stained doesn’t look good on anybody.
  3. Less is more. I had 5 t-shirts/tops I would see at the bottom of my dresser drawer each day and just get discouraged. Same went for the 4 sundresses that just weren’t quite right or I didn’t have the right occasion for. Now, I feel so much more lighter and clearer when I look at my clothes. I have three pairs of skinny jeans and two pairs of black pants. I love wearing each pair. My socks even got whittled down- 4 pairs of workout socks and maybe 5 pairs of warmer socks. We live in Florida, so that makes sense for me.
  4. Matching hangers. Everyone says this, but it is true. Sooo nice.img_0521
  5. “What if I get down to this size again?” Chances are if I drop a size or two the item is probably going to be out of style, or I’ll just want to buy something new.”New” for me usually means from Style Encore but still, it would be a treat.
  6. “But it still has tags on.” “It’s from a really nice store; I shouldn’t just get rid of it…” Yes you should get rid of it if you don’t wear it. Don’t let a label or price tag decide — you decide. bam.
  7. Put all your castoffs in a black plastic bag. Put the bags in your car and drop it off at a donation site or try and consign things within 24 hours. If you have too much empathy for your things, I suggest skipping the consignment shop. Otherwise, you’ll be looking at things the consignment shop rejected and think you need to comfort them and give them a good home. You will give them a good home and Goodwill will help you.

I was feeling really good about everything I got rid of… except for one scarf. Wouldn’t you know two days after I let go of my goods, it got cold. My outfit really needed the gray scarf I had just gotten rid of. Well, I have no shame. I drove to my favorite thrift shop where it had been donated (and were I love to shop) and asked for it back! Some of you may be groaning. I understand. It was a bold move but I really liked the scarf (it came from France… doesn’t that get me some sympathy??). The ladies are so kind there… Kathy said she’d look through the donation bags and set it aside for me. Yesterday when I went back to the thrift shop, there it was… just like she said.

Well, maybe this motivates you to put your own twist on Marie Kondo’s organization. What are other tips you have for making your closet and home lovely and organized?

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