Living in a glass bowl

After a long week of tension with people in our apartment building, my feelings of living in a glass bowl have only magnified. I hate feeling like I’m walking  on egg shells and it is even more despairing to know that I am teaching my kids to do the same. “Shhhh…. stop yelling. You guys, did you hear me?.. Put your indoor feet on. Don’t let that drop on the floor. Can you say hello? Walk on this side of the sidewalk…” I’m not sure how to break this cycle.

Sometimes I choose to ignore the stares of others. Dave leads a fantastic Christian History tour that the kids and I jumped in on this summer. During one of the stops in front of the Pantheon the kids stopped to do sidewalk chalk.

The following article is an encouragement to a mom like me who is living in a glass bowl:

Maybe you’ll be able to relate.

One thought on “Living in a glass bowl

  1. I can totally relate to this situation!
    Living on a condo/ apartment with any shared walls, floors is s nightmare when you have kids!
    I am happy when people are full of grace and understand that “kids are kids”!
    I sometimes get envious of big houses in the suburbs where they can be as loud as they want and run free, without much supervision in giant back yards!

    But on the other hand, I love living in the city where I can walk almost everywhere and get to know people outside of my circles.

    Our solution has been to have more area rugs that absorb the noise, and Breath deep when we get to enjoy the parks where everyone can be as loud and rowdy as they want!

    You are doing s great job!!!! Way to go, EverydayParisMama!


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