Good Reads- kids’ lit, a design book for families and a couple more…

As a kid I’d  stay up reading till one AM. Now I read when I’m alone in “the potty.” True story. HGTV magazine is like a 5 minute oasis. Ok, I do squeeze in a read outside the toilette. Here are a few books that have refreshed, inspired and challenged me lately.


Design Mom is a beautiful book on ways other families have merged beauty and practically in the organization and decoration of their homes. It feels like eating a fudgey brownie every time I look at the book- the photography is so lovely. Gabrielle Blair, the author, blogs at: .


For the Love. I devoured this one through I-laughed-so-hard-I-may-have-just-peed-my-pants and through tears of sadness. Jen Hattmaker is candid and speaks to the real places of raising kids to know and hopefully choose Jesus in a post-modern world and what it means to put aside pettiness in marriage. I also enjoyed her thoughts on missions, living in community and the “family years” vs the “launching years.” Be prepared to cry at that last one of you have kids. This book did me good in so many ways. Jen pushes and inspires us more at her blog: .

Ok, don’t judge this book by its cover… it looks dorky but just trust me

The Vienna Prelude. This is the first book in a long series on World War 2. It’s historical Chrisitian fiction that’s well done and not hokey (despite its cover). It’s fascinating to imagine the nitty gritty of how Hitler went about his propaganda, how normal people helped smuggle children out of occupied countries and the role the international news service played (the reporters had a privileged position in that they knew so much and yet could circulate freely). My description is falling flat but it’s a page turner. Dave and I are reading this series out loud to each other. (Cute, right?)


Milly Molly Mandy Storybook, by Joyce Lancaster Brisely, is the kind of stories you want your little girl to grow up reading. The author is English and starting about this charming little girl in the 1920s . The chapters are a few pages long and have nice drawings. Lexie and I started reading them when she was  3 or just turned 4. There are a few different books in the series. Thanks, Hanni Go for the recommendation!


One Line a Day. This isn’t a book to read but one to write in. My mother-in-law gave this to me for my birthday and I love it. I want to capture the little moments and milestones from our family’s life and this is a bite-sized way to do it. I keep it next to my bed with a pretty pen I enjoy using. Yesterday’s entry: “Chloe took her first step @ the park w/ Dave. 🙂 She took a couple more toward me when she came home. I enjoy holding her hand as we walk through the house.” Now, I’ll be able to answer our third child when she asks me “when did I take my first step?” …which will help her avoid unnecessary therapy later in life.

Here’s my bonus section… if you’ve made it this far it means you probably enjoy reading. Other reads:

Bon Appétit Magazine. My mom left me with a copy this winter and let’s just say they have modernised their magazine. It’s much catchier and it ain’t just your mama’s magazine any more.

Introduction to The History of Christianity, by Dowley. Dave and I are taking an early christian history class and this book is a fantastic reference for understanding how the Christian church developed over the centuries. I’ve enjoyed gaining a better understanding of my faith through it.

The Pigeon Needs a Bath, by Mo Willem, is a family favorite for bedtime. A kids’ book that we all smile while reading.


What about you; what are some books you’d recommend I pick up to read?

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