Happy Hours in Paris & FREE DOUGHNUTS

Les Heures Heureuses, or Happy Hours, is a three day event where restaurants throughout Paris propose special little appetisers for 2 euros. My friend Anne-Laure, who has an amazing capacity to find great outings like this, invited me to go. On y go! (Let’s go!)

We hit five different restaurants and our favorite was by far the flower shop, Christian Morel, who partnered with a bakery to create delightful desserts with flower extraits as some of the ingredients. The desserts were tasty but the whole scene made the experience. The shop owner had his table set up outside with three different mini-desserts displayed, and a DJ was spinning while bubbles floated out from a bubble machine above his head. The young and branché (hip) of Paris spilled out on to the road, oblivious to traffic, sipping their rosé wine and eating their mini creations. It was such a happy snapshot of life in the city.

Christian Morel’s Flowershop- complete with DJ, bubbles and flowery desserts

IMG_4718We ended the night at The Beans on Fire for some kind of fish in cream sauce (I should have ended with the desserts). While there, I couldn’t help but remember the amazing Boneshaker Doughnuts we had there a few months ago. (See the post here.) I hopped on Boneshaker Doughnuts Facebook page to share the beauties with Anne-Laure, and there I discovered they are GIVING OUT FREE DOUGHNUTS ON SATURDAY July 9, 2016! Yes, that’s right– free, delicious cake doughnuts to celebrate the grand opening of their own shop.

This is the drink menu at The Beans on Fire– notice the first tea (thé) listed: a twist on traditional “English Breakfast”

Anne-Laure and I decided little outings like Les Heures Heureuses are good for us because they make us feel like we are hip; it doesn’t take much. : ) So, join me on Saturday for free donuts, because we are the young and branché of Paris; n’est pas?



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