Lemon basil custard doughnuts and our littles

I’ve lived in France over 12 years and I’ve never met a doughnut like the one I ate today. Dave had the day off, we needed an outing and a little bird (named Karen) told me last night she had eaten a legit doughnut in the 11th arrondissement– something about maple bacon and another with lemon and basil. I couldn’t get them out of my mind so we hopped on bus #56 this morning and we were off.

The Beans on Fire coffee shop houses Amanda Scott’s pop-up doughnut shop Monday thru Thursday and it is worth seeking out for the amazing doughnuts she makes. Today we grabbed a lemon basil custard filled raised doughnut with a white chocolate glaze… I’ve never tasted a raised doughnut so decadent and full of flavor. I’m going to be thinking about this gem for a while. Each week she changes up her menu of gourmet doughnuts like: Bourbon & Beurre Noisette Glazed/Caramel Popcorn doughnut or Dark Chocolate/Espresso Ganache. Yum. One fabulous doughnut and a petit crème cost about 7 euros.

The staff were all kind to our little family (with a stroller) and made us feel right at home. After the doughnut (and sidecar café) we headed to the lovely park across the street. All in all a win for everyone. I caught myself smiling throughout the day and just saying, “this is a happy day.” Oh and walking back to the bus stop we came across a great street find (I sort prayed we would)– a fabulous oak dining room table. Dave drove back in the car and picked it up and promptly glued one of the fragile legs back together. (I love this guy.) We’ll have to see where it’s new home will be. Here’s to a happy day. Thanks, Lord.

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