Street Find Friday: up-cycled throw pillows

Once in a great while Paris’ garbage collectors will go on strike. This fall was one of those times. It made for excellent street finds. Just around the corner from our house an elderly woman seemed to be downsizing (that’s a happier thought than someone emptying out her place. Right?) This lady had a lot of fabric she was getting rid of and so I kindly took some off her hands and out of her garbage bag. ; )

IMG_3176Each day as I passed this large assortment of fabric I thought, “What could I do with all this fabric?” My answer came, “Make it into throw pillows and open an store on-line!” Once my enthusiasm died down, I remembered that I didn’t know how to sew a zipper into a pillowcase and I didn’t really want to open an on-line shop. Instead, I decided I could make a couple of throw pillows for Christmas for two friends who have recently repainted rooms in their homes. (Spoiler alert- if you know who you are- “Happy early Christmas!!”)

I had to call on my seamstress friend Karen to teach me a thing or two about pillow making. She managed to walk me through a zipper-less pillow making tutorial and Voilà!, two lovely pillows ready to ship for Christmas.

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