Easy DIY Glitter-Tipped Roses


We are hosting two Chrsitmas parties today and tomorrow and I wanted a little glitz for our table. I mixed a tablespoon of Elmer’s glue with 1/4 c water (I shook it in a small Tupperware) and then poured it in a small ramekin. I then sprinkled glitter in an another ramekin. Dip the rose tips in the glue mixture, and roll the the tips, as to get all the petals. Then do the same in the glitter. VoilĂ , happy glittering!

UPDATE: As I continued to “glitz” my roses the glitter ramekin got a bit soupy. So, I just dipped the roses in the glue mixture and then held the roses over the sink and sprinkled the glitter over them. The effect was the same. : ) They are still holding up well a day later.


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