Friday night in Paris: wine & a garage sale @ the hardware store!

It’s a bit hard to imagine- a hardware store open late on Friday night, serving wine, beer, crêpes and hotdogs– and having a garage sale at the same time. Yep, good job Leroy Merlin (that’s the name of the hardware store). I’m forever a loyal customer. Managed to not only make 57 euros off my goods BUT scored this gorgeous shelf made by the DIY blogger Clem from . Funny story, Clem lives around the corner from me. Seriously.

I was at the right place at the right time when they started bidding on this beauty. They laughed when I told them I was on my bike and couldn’t take it home right away.

My dear friend Beth shared a stand with me and we cracked up as we made deals and slipped in “with purchase” gifts. (Read: we did NOT want to go home with that stuff.) I even got a mic in my hand at one point and made an announcement to the customers about “stand #12” and all the lovely things we were selling. At the end of the night the manager said, “votre stand a cartonné,” which is another way of saying, “y’all were killin’ it.”

Our cute little stand and Beth talking about her goods. Lexie and I made those garlands (which didn’t sell. If you’re interested, let me know… she’s still waiting to make her first sale.)

God has such a fun, sweet way of delighting in us. I happened to pop into Leroy Merlin yesterday to return some merchandise and saw that they were doing this garage sale. I signed up, not knowing what it would really be like. Today, I pulled stuff from my closets, loaded up our kid bike trailer and headed out looking a bit like a crazy lady moving on her bike. But God knew how much fun I’d have and how it’d hit so many of those sweet spots in my soul. Thanks Lord for a fantastic night.

I told you there were crêpes.

How have you been delighted in lately?

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