You may have noticed that the last month I’ve been posting a photo a day with the hashtag “beautyandgratitude.” (If not, you can check out my photos on Facebook or Instagram.) My dear friend Claire asked me yesterday why I decided to launch this project. “I didn’t want to be an angry mom anymore,” was the answer that came.

I elaborated saying, I had to face the fact that my circumstances were not guaranteed to change and I was tired of the stream of complaining and moping that poured from my soul. God and I had a brief chat about it and three concrete things came of it:

  1. Stop offering up information about how sick everyone in our family was. If someone asked, I could respond honestly but the idea was not to feed my self-pity
  2. Write down 25 things I was thankful for every day
  3. Look for beauty in my day and things that make me thankful– and then photograph them and post them on social media

So here we are a month later. And you know what? I’m not as angry (i.e.: impatient, self-focused and looking for ways to escape my daily). Some of my circumstances have changed and I’m so grateful. For example, we are moving– like really soon. Saturday. And the weather is less gray and we are less sick. These are good things. But, the anger has dissipated more because I peered into my life to see little things that are good and are beautiful and are going well. My little girl twirling in my old dance costume, a sturdy shelf my husband built me, the charm of our “vintage” kitchen, the breathtaking beauty of the mountains and silliness of my son walking like an old man. Giggles, falling petals, routine and a good pair of jeans. Thank You, Lord. Yes, thank You for shaking me out of self-pity and refocusing my eyes. It has been a precious month. What about you; where do you see beauty and gratitude in your daily?  #beautyandgratitude


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