Five reasons I wear a uniform

I’ve joined the trend of “wearing a uniform.” It just sort of happened and I’m glad it did. For those of you new to the concept, it basically means you wear the same thing each day. First, here’s my uniform:

  1. Skinny jeans. I have three pairs. Two of them are from the Gap Factory Outlet and one pair are sexy ripped ones from Express that my sister-in-law treated me to on my birthday.
  2. Black cami. My favorites are actually maternity ones I have from Target.
  3. Black long sleeve cotton t-shirt. I have three but my favorite one is Gap Maternity The Bowery Super Soft Crew T-shirt. You may be wondering by now if I’m pregnant. I’m not, or at least I don’t think I am. This shirt is so soft, hangs just right and doesn’t look like a maternity shirt.
  4. To top it off in the winter months, I usually wear one of three black and white sweater “cardigans.” My favorite is a leopard print one from Camieau here in France
  5. Clarks black Gore-Tex ankle boots. I wear these every day. They were expensive but given the miles I put on them, the fact that they really are water proof, how comfortable they are and that they’ll last be a good two years, I’d say they are totally worth it.
  6. Accessories: a belt, black socks and the occasional earrings. I also have a fantastic lightweight wool gray maternity/wear your baby coat that is my go to. If Chloe is in the front carrier, I can throw the coat on, zip in an extra insert and zip it all the way up. If I’m not wearing her, I skip the insert and it’s still a cute coat.

Ok, now on to the 5 reasons why I love my uniform– which I end up wearing at least 5 out of 7 days a week.

  1. I feel really good in it. The black t-shirt is key. Black hides a multitude of… well, I’ve had three babies and let’s just say black is a lovely color.
  2. It is fashionable but doesn’t look like I’m trying too hard. The skinny jeans and ankle boots leave no room for mom-jean moments.
  3. It’s discreet to nurse my baby wherever I might be (thank you black cami)
  4. It is easy. This is the argument the “books” and “experts” make for wearing a self-imposed uniform. Dave has told me many times that Steve Jobs wore a uniform to avoid decision fatigue. In the morning I know what I’m going to wear.
  5. I’m surprisingly content with my simply wardrobe. Because I feel so confident and good in my uniform, I don’t feel the need to go and buy new clothes.

I haven’t done away with all my other clothes; that would be a bit too extreme; non? And, Dave likes to see me in something different once in a while… like color. Come the warmer months, I’ll have to find a new version of my uniform.

Have you tried wearing a “uniform” or simplifying your wardrobe?

4 thoughts on “Five reasons I wear a uniform

  1. I started doing it this fall, too. I realized over the summer I only wore 3 shirts and two pairs of shorts. I have a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of boot cut (slowly transitioning into the return of flares) and I wear solely heather gray shirts. I have 5 that vary in long sleeve, short, and medium sleeve. I love it for the same reasons: less choice is wonderful, I feel great and I like to think it looks as good as it feels.

    I LOVE IT!!! no more worries about impressing people or whether they’ll notice I’m wearing the same shirt again haha cause they’re all basically the same.

    I think my latest blog was about this?


  2. Looking lovely, Heidi!

    I must confess my uniform is a bathrobe. I’m a homebody and I know I need to dress for the day, but if we’re at home and I’m cold (which is often), my bathrobe is just so snuggly. Sometimes I even end up putting it on after I’ve gotten dressed. My husband is gracious about this!

    I will say that after this last pregnancy I particularly struggled with the state of my postpartum body. This is when my friend introduced me to the wonder of scarves and earrings. I know these are not new to civilization, but with some accessories I can maximize my wardrobe by adding variety and color. I also feel more covered and concealed with a scarf, similar to wearing black. They are great for almost all seasons and are easily trade-able with friends or available at clothing swaps or on sale. And I feel pretty and put together!

    Oh yes, and the last thing – red lipstick. I found the perfect color for me and if I *really* feel like dressing things up I add that to the mix 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. It’s fun to hear how others are living life in this season, in the practical things.


  3. Yes, love uniforms! I just started dabbling in this last year and was in love with a good button up and skinny jeans but this year I’m finding a uniform even more priceless while prego–I basically only have 3 bottoms and a handful of tops in very non-exciting colors (I so know what you mean about black!) and then I try to change things up with jackets/sweaters/blazers. Like you said, I looove that it’s just so easy to get dressed in the morning and takes the guesswork out of it all!
    Thanks for sharing chica!


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