DIY: Tuscan sea salt (a last-minute gift idea)

My mom took me on a very special, once in a life time cooking adventure in Tuscany in April. I was seven months pregnant and enjoyed every minute of time with my mom, learning to cook all sorts of delicious food and eating it!! This is Tuscan sea salt recipe is from our cooking class.

In all honesty, I had a “fail” moment that stalled me out for a good 4 days until Santa came early and delivered a Magimix food processor (!!!!!). A blender was not sufficient (see photos below). So, borrow a food processor if you don’t have one or come to our house and use mine. : )

True Italiens don’t measure ingredients they “just know.” Not super helpful for this Minnesotan. So my measurements are approximative and to my taste.




2 kilograms of sea salt (about 4 pounds)

1 head of garlic

two small bouquets of sage

one large bouquet of rosemary (I didn’t use both of the ones in the photo)

2 Tablespoons of pepper


A little tip for peeling the garlic (maybe you’ve seen this on cooking shows but it really is helpful). Place the clove of garlic on a cutting board and rest a chef’s knife on top. Then smack the middle of the knife with the heel of your hand. (See photo below.) The clove then peels very easily. You have a doubt or are sleep deprived, maybe skip the chef’s knife.


I’d suggest working in 3-4 cup batches at a time, distributing the herbs and garlic evenly. I then mixed the different batches in a bit bowl just to make sure the ingredients were evenly distributed.


And here’s the “fail” photo:


Once I had the food processor it went very quickly. Um and I was just anxious to get it done, so there aren’t any photos. But the final project is completed and packaged. Merry Christmas, friends!

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