What’s it Like Raising a Family in Paris?

Living in Paris can seem so glamorous to those not living in Paris. Strolls along the Seine river, munching on pain au chocolat each morning and watching pristinely dressed children push toy boats around the pond in le Jardin de Luxembourg. This is not my daily life as a mom in Paris.

Most days my life looks more like: oatmeal for breakfast, coaching my almost four year old as she dresses herself, sorting laundry, prepping the Crockpot at night for the next day, lining “vroom vrooms” up with my son, kissing my babies cheeks that smell like… well, baby and trying to tell my husband about our day over dinner. It isn’t glamorous but it’s our life and I like it.

I guess this is why I’ve started this blog… I want to pull back the curtain a bit on the “glamour” of living in the 3rd most visited city in world. I want to share with you a bit of my “everyday” as a mama in Paris. I love a great street find, easy recipes to cook, simple fashion, amazing food, wooing people, a good deal (um, free stuff) and leaning into life with my littles and husband. So, here goes!

Leave a comment and let me know:

What are your stereotypes of what life is like in Paris?

11 thoughts on “What’s it Like Raising a Family in Paris?

  1. Hey, Heidi.
    Great idea. You will really enjoy the chance to craft a great post, capturing experiences and thoughts and emotions and putting them into words. We will enjoy it too. I think about you guys in your little corner of Paris. Actually, it’s a big corner! Enjoy the gifts God gives you.


  2. Heidi,
    Congrats on your blog! You helped us raise one child in Eagan. Now we are raising 3. I look forward to comparing notes with you! (Joe is actually a senior at STA now). Your children are beautiful and I can’t wait to hear about your Parisian adventures!


  3. It seems France continues to be brought up daily in my home, whether in discussion, memories, food or even dreams, so I wait in anticipation to read more from you!!


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